What’s Included in our Accessibility Audits

  • Engineers perform a manual review of the top user flows on an organization’s digital content to identify potential barriers for people with disabilities. They also capture the information in an ARC Workspace.
  • Every Comprehensive Audit includes a one-seat subscription to ARC Essentials with full access to KnowledgeBase and Tutor for one year. (Additional seats available at $29/user/month.)
  • You’ll get access to an ARC Workspace with Dashboards detailing TPGi’s audit findings, along with informative knowledge resources and downloadable reports (Powerpoint executive summary, high-level report in a Word document, and an Excel file listing all assertions)

Accessibility Audit

Our Accessibility Audit is an evaluation of how well your digital asset supports the needs of users with disabilities, carried out by our team of accessibility engineers.


bar graphs, line and pie charts presenting data points from an audit

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