Accessibility Assessment

Evaluate accessibility needs, determine priorities, and chart a path to meet your goals.
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These services help to align the accessibility services to business strategy, assess the current state, identify gaps and accessibility issues, define an accessibility road map, and support in establishing a mature accessibility program with quantification business benefits.

Risk review and gap analysis

Receive a high-level assessment to gauge the current state of your product’s accessibility.

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Accessibility audit

Website, application, document, or mobile accessibility evaluation and QA for Section 508 compliance and WCAG 2.0/2.1 compliance.

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Mobile accessibility audit

Ensure that your mobile applications for websites comply with the accessibility standards.

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Assistive technology compatibility testing

Ensure that your product works with the tools and programs that people with disabilities use.

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Legal compliance audit

Understand the ADA Compliance and Section 508 legal requirements to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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