Webinar, August 11, 2021: Digital Agencies and Responsibilities for Website Accessibility

Presented on August 11, 2021 at 12pm ET

The webinar has ended but you can watch the on-demand recording at your convenience.

Who is responsible for ensuring a website and its digital content are accessible? Judging from a recent survey, clients seem to think that digital agencies should be, so how can your agency stay ahead of the curve? Join Doug Koppenhofer from Crawford Technologies, Mark Miller from TPGi and Rick Fuller & Steven Tate from BlindSpot to hear about how you can live up to client expectations when it comes to creating accessible digital content like websites and PDFs. You’ll learn about:

  1. The fundamentals of digital accessibility and best practices
  2. The tools agencies can use to test and monitor for accessibility failures (such as the ARC Platform and AccessibilityNow)
  3. Why generating a template for a PDF and making it accessible will not result in successive accessible PDFs using that same template
  4. What are some great first and second steps to get started

You’ll leave this informative webinar with clear next steps you can take to start creating more accessible digital content for your clients.