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Is your website WCAG compliant?
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Uncover your site’s most prevalent WCAG violations courtesy of our powerful accessibility website checker, ARC Monitoring, for an overarching impression of your site’s level of accessibility. You’ll get a list of machine-detectable WCAG failures on your site that are prioritized for easy remediation.

With an increasing number of digital accessibility lawsuits and a rapidly aging population, forward-thinking companies are addressing accessibility issues head-on for a better overall experience. Making your site accessible to people with disabilities increases customer satisfaction and boosts your bottom line.

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Watch and learn what to expect. See the process below.

  1. Create a free ARC Account and submit a domain for scanning.
  2. ARC scans WCAG conformance data against pages in your domain.
  3. Scan data is also populated in your ARC dashboards.
  4. Get more value by emailing to schedule a call to step through the data and ask any questions.

Get Your Free Website Accessibility Scan