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TPGi Is Your Digital Accessibility Partner

Sometimes your organization has an accessibility problem that you don’t have the time or internal knowledge to solve. Whether you have received a demand letter, are in the process of starting an accessibility program or expanding your program, we can support your needs along your journey.

TPGi is connected to the world’s largest screen reader community

20+ years of Accessibility Expertise

TPGi is set up to support your accessibility program as it scales

Flexible and customizable solutions

Those seeking accessibility consulting tend to fall into two groups:

Organizations at the beginning of their accessibility journey who need extensive guidance in all areas of accessibility (for example, a company who just received their first audit)

Organizations with mature accessibility programs who need help with a specific task (for instance, a usability study with screen reader users)

Why is Accessibility Important?

Making your digital content accessible means that people with disabilities can access and use your content. This promotes equality and opens your content to a larger percentage of customers.

How Does Digital Accessibility Consulting Complement Your Accessibility Journey?

TPGi designs accessibility consulting to fit your organization’s needs. Whether you are starting small and need help on a single project or searching for a long-term partner, TPGi can support you and your team’s accessibility goals. As you continue your accessibility journey, you may need other services. Consultants are your accessibility guides. Besides providing consulting, they can recommend other services to help your organization meet your accessibility goals, such as training sessions or usability testing.

Our individualized consulting may include:

Accessibility Consulting Services

  • Accessibility Audit, the first step on your accessibility journey, a manual accessibility check of your website’s most popular user flows
  • Accessibility Strategy and Roadmap, a long-term plan for achieving a mature accessibility program
  • Design Reviews, reviews of website designs or style guides early in the design process so they won’t need to be remediated later or reviews of already-existing designs.
  • Responding to Demand Letters, if your company receives a demand letter, TPGi can provide consultation on how to resolve accessibility issues.
  • Managing Risk and Compliance, TPGi helps your company adhere to accessibility standards, and so reduce risk

Additional Consulting Services

  • Kiosk Consulting and Reviews, general consulting on kiosk accessibility, as well as assistance with our text-to-speech kiosk software, JAWS for Kiosk
  • Managed Services, our experts work full-time with your organization to complete specific tasks and help you achieve your accessibility goals.
  • HelpDesk, ongoing accessibility support; simply submit a ticket in our ARC platform, and you’ll get a response from one of our experts within 24 hours
  • And more!

Meet TPGi

Our team has 20+ years of accessibility experience and can help your organization with almost any accessibility problem.

TPGi’s team also has the unique distinction of being connected with Freedom Scientific, the creators of JAWS screen reader. This connection gives TPGi direct access to assistive technology information.

TPGi has over a dozen team members that work directly with W3C groups allowing us to understand and deploy the latest accessibility standards firsthand.

TPGi is flexible – from website design reviews to accessibility roadmaps, we can create a plan that fits what your individual organization needs.