Hans Hillen


  • Developer versus user: CSUN 2017

    For our CSUN session this year, Léonie Watson and I had a friendly debate about accessibility from the perspective of an end user and a developer. While we are both…

  • Webinar Rerecorded: Adobe Flash and WCAG 2

    The Flash and WCAG 2 webinar was rerecorded due to quality issues with the original live version

  • ARIA Slider, Part 3

    After covering a basic ARIA slider as well as a more complex slider component, we will take a closer look at how a slider can be used to create a…

  • ARIA Slider, Part 2

    In my previous post I gave an example for a very minimalistic ARIA slider, with the intention of demonstrating how simple it is to add ARIA using only a few attributes. I know there are some developers out there who wishfully think that, in order to make their rich interface widgets accessible, all they have to do is add ARIA to it. Others are skeptical about ARIA for that very reason. The truth is of course that ARIA is only part of the effort, and work is required to make any widget accessible (whether you’re using ARIA or not). In this post I want to cover some of those issues and give an overview of what else to think about when creating an accessible slider.

  • ARIA Slider, Part 1

    Starting with Steve’s article ARIA Toggle Button and Tri-state Checkbox examples, we will be providing more examples about how to use ARIA roles and states in practice. As Steve mentioned,…