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Quickly uncover accessibility issues on any web page and gain valuable accessibility insights with TPGi’s ARC Toolkit
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ARC Toolkit is a professional-level accessibility testing tool that gives you the power to quickly and efficiently evaluate screens for accessibility and uncover issues related to the WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA guidelines. This convenient Chrome extension enables you to easily drill down into code-level issues and gain in-depth insight into the accessibility of the screen. It’s a must-have tool to identify and address crucial accessibility issues.


  • Free and available to all on the Google Chrome store
  • Low learning curve makes adoption easy
  • Created by the foremost experts in the field of digital accessibility for exceptional accuracy


  • Conveniently cut and paste into bug tracking software
  • Test color contrast
  • Target scope of testing to a single component
  • Provides examples of existing errors and how to address them
  • Highlights tab order with numbers and lines to illustrate how a person using only a keyboard would engage with the page

Find ARC Toolkit on the Google Chrome store.

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