Webinar – How Any Organization Can Start Small but Deliver Big with Accessibility

Presented on May 18, 2021 at 12pm ET

Registration for the webinar is now closed, but you can watch the recording on demand.

Creating and maintaining an accessible website can be a daunting proposition for many businesses for several reasons:

  • They aren’t aware of the magnitude of how much remediation may be needed for their own website and aren’t sure how to start assessing this
  • They have limited resources to devote to accessibility-related activities
  • They are not interested or unable to pay for expensive accessibility monitoring and testing software that caters to enterprise organizations

If you have found yourself reluctant to dip your toe into digital accessibility because of one or more of these reasons, you’re not alone! But TPGi is here to offer you a solution. In this webinar, Charlie Pike, head of product at TPGi, will show you exactly how any size business can easily start Phase I of an accessibility program through our ARC Platform without spending a lot of money. Attendees will learn how they can assess the scope of their business’s accessibility responsibilities, start with prioritized small changes that have a big impact, and pay for only what they use. Charlie will also debunk myths about accessibility (e.g., it’s all or nothing, there’s no benefit to the company, it’s only possible and really necessary for large enterprise organizations, etc.)

As an added bonus, webinar attendees will get a sneak peek of the latest release of our ARC GEN-5 platform, complete with its brand new UI overhaul and exciting new features!

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