Hiring for Cognitive Diversity in Tech

Presented on July 13, 2022 at 12pm ET

Join TPGi Accessibility Engineer, Lē McNamara as they talk about, “Hiring for Cognitive Diversity in Tech.”

Hiring neurodivergent technologists can benefit your IT teams!

Twenty technologists who identify as neurodiverse came forward, during a hackathon event, to share and record their experiences with the hiring process in tech.

This talk will cover the common threads of those disclosures, the value of neurodivergent team members, and the experiences positive and negative that neurodivergent applicants face in looking for work within the tech sector and for technology roles in other industries.

We’ll be sharing what in the interview processes triggered negative outcomes and what behaviors and processes facilitated positive outcomes. We’ll be making suggestions for changes hiring professionals can make as well as accommodations that can be asked for and should be expected. We’ll also be talking about how to reach out to neurodiverse talent directly, to get back those that have given up, by working directly with services and communities.

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Hiring for Cognitive Diversity in Tech