On-Demand Webinar – Connecting Accessibility with User Experience for Inclusive Digital Products

Presented on January 27, 2021

To create digital products that people with disabilities can successfully use, we need to connect principles of digital accessibility with an effective user experience strategy. This webinar will provide an overview of an inclusive digital product design process that integrates the needs of people with disabilities into every phase of the process, from defining requirements, through visual design and development to evaluation and testing. We’ll cover some practical tips that you can apply to help create web sites, apps, and software that people with disabilities can effectively use.

The webinar will be of particular benefit to organizations that are beginning the journey of evolving their digital product design processes to include accessibility and user experience. It will also provide insights for people looking to inject accessibility into their current user experience efforts.


David Sloan, UX Research Lead

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Connecting Accessibility with User Experience for Inclusive Digital Products

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