Real People, Real Stories: Interview with Ellice Patterson, Founder/Director of Abilities Dance, an inclusive dance company

Abilities Dance uses dance and art overall as a tool to promote intersectional disability rights in the greater Boston area and beyond. I started the company to be able to have a space for myself to create and perform while offering that space to others.
ellice balanced on her walker in a graceful post

How does Abilities Dance define accessibility?

Access has been a strong part of our incorporation. It is allowing those with disabilities to equitably engage in our spaces and advocate for intersectional disability rights in every aspect of our community.

You perform your dance pieces with a walker. Can you talk about the choreography philosophy for dance pieces performed with a walker?

I dance with a variety of mobility aids. Since I use a variety of mobility aids in my day to day, I want to reflect that in my art and allow others to do the same.

What does dance mean to you?

Dance means that I’m able to utilize my body as a way to spark conversations of how we’re able to make our spaces more equitable for all.

What change do you hope to spark with Abilities Dance?

We have and will continue to think of spaces in which individually and collectively we’re allies and using those privileges to learn and equitably make a space for others while also understanding where we need support and care and advocating for our needs.

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