JAWS Inspect Q1 2021 Feature Updates

In this release (Q1 2021), we have concentrated on productivity and usability enhancements to help our users carry out their JAWS Inspect tasks more efficiently. The new features include:

Start a Full Page Report with a shortcut key

You can now bypass the Reports menu and run a Full Page report straight from the browser. Just press CTRL+SHIFT+Right-Click to start the report.

Option to Open Reports in the Active Browser

When you run a report such as a Say All report in JAWS Inspect, it opens in your default browser. This makes it easy to find your reports and manage them consistently. However, there are times when you might want to open the report in the active browser (browser in which you invoked the report). In that case, you can set the option in the JAWS Inspect
General Settings.

Start the Speech Viewer from the Reports Menu

For those testing in web browsers, they will now find the Speech Viewer as an option in the Reports menu. Previously it was only available through the Notifications (taskbar icon) menu.

Speech Capture Options

For a while now it has been possible to run the Speech Viewer in “headless” mode to capture speech without any visible interface. This helps with automation, enabling a script or process to call the Speech Viewer. With this release, we have made it far easier to run this function. Both in the Reports and Notifications menus, you will find a new option to “Begin Speech Capture.” This command will start a Speech Viewer session without opening the Speech Viewer. Once started, the JAWS speech will be captured for any actions you carry out in your browser or elsewhere. To end the capture session just select “Stop Capturing Speech.” The resulting speech output is saved in a file on your hard drive. You can change the file type and location in the Save As tab or the JAWS Inspect Settings dialog.

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