Degree Testing Out New Accessible Deodorant

For most people, putting on deodorant is an effortless part of everyday life. But for many people with disabilities, applying deodorant poses difficulties. Noting the inaccessible aspects of deodorant (like “twisting a deodorant cap, turning a stick, or pushing down on an aerosol can with limited arm mobility”) Degree has taken the initiative to develop new, accessible deodorant packaging.

The new product, Degree Inclusive, offers several new user-friendly features. It has a hook on top which enables a customer to hang the packaging on something and apply deodorant with one hand. Additionally, instead of a hard-to-twist top, this design’s top is magnetic and snaps open and shut, making it accessible to customers who might have low vision or grip strength. Degree Inclusive features a larger roll-on applicator for quicker coverage and a large dip on either side which makes the deodorant easy to hold and use. Finally, the packaging has Braille directions.

At the moment, the company is testing Degree Inclusive with a group of 200 Americans with disabilities. After Degree finishes their research, the company will release Degree Inclusive into the marketplace.

Categories: World of Accessibility