The Accessible SDLC Powered by TPGi and the ARC Platform

The Diagram shows a circular graphic with the traditional phases of the SDLC in a clockwise position starting at the top.  To the right of the circular diagram, there is a key that correlates a small subset of how TPGi can inject accessibility into each of the traditional SDLC phases.

  1. Planning:  Integrating insights into the planning stage with user stories
  2. Analysis: Accessibility audits, both machine detectable and manual
  3. Design: Prioritization and integration of inputs from previous phases into the design phase
  4. Implementation: New feature/functionality builds – leverage ARC KnowledgeBase, ARC Tutor, and manual code annotations
  5. Testing & Integration: ARC automated testing, API, and policy compliance.  The diagram introduces a new phase at position 5.5 called VPAT/Accessibility Conformance Statements
  6. Maintenance: ARC Monitoring and scanning, quickly identify issues for new content, author and user-generated

Learn more about the Accessible SDLC Powered by TPGi that includes more detail.

The Software Development Life Cycle powered by TPGi