Kiosk Hardware Accessibility Training

Learn how to make your kiosk hardware accessible for users with disabilities. Our kiosk accessibility experts will train your engineers on kiosk hardware requirements through half-day training sessions for up to 10 attendees.
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We’ll Handle Everything You Need for an Accessible Kiosk

User Testing

Conduct user testing with people with disabilities to gain a better understanding of your kiosk’s accessibility and usability

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Kiosk Hardware Accessibility Reviews

A review of your kiosk hardware will help to determine whether or not it is built in conformance to US, Canadian, and/or European standards.

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Kiosk Software Accessibility Training

Train your team on how best to develop your kiosk application with accessibility in mind
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JAWS Kiosk Screen Reader

The most popular screen reader in the world is now available for kiosks.
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Ensure your self-service kiosk is accessible to users with disabilities

Help Educate Your Kiosk Designers on Building Accessible Kiosk Hardware

Your kiosk hardware and software work together to create a unified kiosk experience. Kiosk hardware accessibility requirements can be confusing and somewhat contradictory.

We will evaluate your kiosk hardware for usability and accessibility according to US, Canadian, and European standards. Other country standards available upon request.

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Feel confident that your kiosk meets US and/or International standards

  • Your team will receive a report or presentation detailing where the kiosk does not accommodate for people with disabilities
  • The report will recommend methods for addressing areas that need improvement
  • As your team begins to learn about kiosk hardware requirements, they can put this knowledge to use as they engineer hardware for future kiosk deployments
  • Modifying your kiosk hardware in response to a hardware accessibility review sends a signal to external parties and potential customers that your organization is taking steps to ensure your kiosks meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other requirements by country, as requested

What types of kiosk devices can be reviewed?

  • Self-service check-in
  • Retail self-checkout
  • Grocery store pickup systems
  • Storage & purchasing lockers
  • Vending machines
  • Bill payment machines
  • Ticketing kiosks
  • …And more

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Put your kiosk’s accessibility into our competent hands

Whether you need to deploy thousands of kiosks or have a single project to deliver on, we can help you deploy an accessible kiosk.

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TPGi’s in-house kiosk expertise, connection with the makers of JAWS, and broad understanding of the full kiosk solution sets us apart

Broad Service Offering

From application to hardware, to accessibility devices like Storm (and our partnership with them) to JAWS screen reader expertise, no other company even comes close to what we can offer

In-House Kiosk Expertise.

Our in-house kiosk industry expert understands the limitations, manufacturing, and integration of a kiosk solution, combining vast knowledge of both kiosks and accessibility.

Unmatchable Relationships

We share the same parent company as the makers of JAWS screen reader software, providing us with incomparable firsthand knowledge for our JAWS Scripting services.